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How to find the most suitable number plate for you?

You will need to visit the DVLA auction website or a DVLA registered and licenced reseller site. On the website of DVLA you have the chance to get a basic idea whether the combination you are looking for exists anywhere by entering your choice of letters or numbers in the yellow search box that’s situated on the starting page of the homepage. This is where you can enter a number or letter variation which you would like to be featured in your future number plate.

Enter a three word of your choice

We would also like to call your attention to the fact, that personal number plates can cost quite a lot of money. Their average price ranges between GBP 200 to GBP 500 even. After the purchase of a personal licence plate, you also must pay extra for updating the licence plate on every document related to the vehicle.

About Personalised Registration dealers:

Apart from DVLA there are DVLA licenced dealers who are allowed to provide with personalised licence plates which should mostly fall within the limits of the DVLA requirements. This means they must feature at the very least one letter and one number.

This service is mostly for those who want to feature one of the following in their number plate:

In the UK, the less you want to feature on your number plate the more it would cost. There are dealers, dealing with quite specific personalised licence plates and the most exclusive range of these include just one single letter and one number at minimum. However, be prepared because the price of these number plates can even cost over a whopping 1 million British Pounds. For this price however, the company would deal with all the other registration processes in terms of updating the licence plate on all the vehicle documents. Many dealers also deal with the buying of these number plates too.

Dealers are everywhere in the area of the UK, but now, thanks to most transactions being eligible to be done online or via courier service, it’s largely up to the specialisation of the dealer when it comes to making a choice. All the DVLA licenced personal number plate dealers are featured on the website of DVLA specifically held for number plate auctions.