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Personalised number plate FAQ

It’s time to gather some of the most frequently asked questions and try to provide an answer to these. Let’s get started.

Can I get just any sort of personalised licence plates?

Unfortunately not. While there are resellers offering millions of combinations, in case yours is not among these, chances are that you won’t be able to get it up until it’s officially issued by DVLA. This is how the UK laws work and there is no way crossing there. However, to make you more optimistic, some of the licenced dealers have over 42 million number and letter combinations available and you can check if yours is among them online.

How much do personalised number plates cost?

It really depends, their price may range from GBP 150 to well over a million GBP. This means that this is a very serious business in the UK, just as serious as selling the vehicles themselves if not more. This is also why everyone is warned only to buy from licenced dealers or at an official DVLA auction to avoid scams.

Can I transfer your personalised licence plate to another vehicle?

As licence plates are connected to a specific vehicle, it’s a very complex project but it is not impossible. You may need to contact DVLA for further details on how this happens. The only time which would hardly allow you to transfer the licence plate is if your original vehicle has been scrapped.

How long does it generally take to transfer a personalized number plate to your vehicle?

If all necessary car documents are received the transfer takes approximately 5 to 10 days. It of course also depends on all the papers received, the quickness or slowness of the offices themselves and other unexpected events. However, generally it won’t take a long time.

Is it possible to buy personalised licence plates before actually having a car?

Yes alongside a retention certificate with the validity of 12 months. This means, that the new number plate will be easy to assign when the time comes to buy a new vehicle. The retention certificate can be extended up to 10 years.

What if I do not want to use my personalised number plate any longer?

Unless it was done otherwise, as soon as you give up on using your personalised number plate, your car’s registration number will automatically go back to your initial number plate your car was originally provided. You may also sell your personalized number plate on licenced dealers’ website, you can put it on a DVLA auction or you can also sell it independently, however this is the most tiring of all especially without a professional backing.

Due to the high prices and specialty of this product, we highly advise everyone to keep themselves from buying number plates directly from individual sellers. There are several frauds which happen year after year, therefore the most suggested way is to get your number plate from a licenced dealer who can help you with all the paperwork.